Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Couples mug set wedding gifts

 These couples mugs make a wonderful unique personalized wedding gift. 

heart-warming gift to commemorate the special day! Enjoy morning coffee or tea with your new spouse and relive beautiful memories. Perfect for newlyweds starting their journey together or marking a memorable anniversary!

Available for Hubby and Wifey (Mr and Mrs) Hubby and Hubby (Mr and Mr) and Wifey and Wifey (Mrs and Mrs) 

This unique gift comes with a full mug and a 3/4 mug, and are made to fit together, just like the happy couple. Designed with a lovely heart shaped handle. 

Hubby Gay Wedding Personalized Established Year
Hubby Gay Wedding Personalized Established Year
by Ricaso_Wedding

Give a gift with an extra special meaning.