Saturday, April 4, 2020

Games to play at home

Now we're all staying at home and being responsible members of society in the attempt to defeat this awful corona virus - games you can play at home to pass the time are a must have

Ricaso offer jigsaw puzzles, ranging in difficulty levels
Beer pong tables, ping pong tables, balls and bats - see HERE

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Stuck at home because of corona virus

Stuck at home because of corona virus? .. Need something to keep you occupied?

Kids bored? .. How about a tough jigsaw puzzle? .. perfect for all the family ..

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Fruit or Pomegranate William Morris Jigsaw Puzzle

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Change the date wedding announcements

If you have unfortunately had to postpone your wedding day during to the coronavirus you can now get a change the date photo card

Or if you prefer you can use the buy now change later flexible events policy  where you invites will be updated FREE OF CHARGE - see details

Monday, March 23, 2020

Covid 19 and Ricaso

Ricaso is still working, still designing and still hoping this horrendous virus can be beaten soon

No one could have predicted what has happened - Many of you would have made plans for 2020 including weddings, Anniversary parties, Birthday parties, etc - I know we had some big plans for 2020

We really do feel for you all if you're having to cancel or even just postpone these events

There is currently a buy now - change later limited  time offer - it is a flexible events policy and you can find all details HERE

Obviously we are all having to be incredibly responsible at this time, it is unprecedented - social distancing is our new normal for now - but that does not mean we can't chat online, we can't share posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media - now is the time to post supportive comments - let us all come together and support each other - If you would like to drop Ricaso a comment of support, a funny photo, a silly joke - please do

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For many of us our art is our only income .. the only way we can pay our bills, feed our families, keep a roof over our heads.  Please, if you are able - please buy something . If you're not able to make a purchase at this time, we absolutely understand - but please could you share our work, please bookmark our websites, our stores, our social media accounts and come back and make those purchases when you are able to - after all we will deserve something good to happen this year

If you would please share our work from Zazzle stores  and if you could be so kind to add #Ricaso

Ricaso encourage you all to practice social distancing in respect to physical contact - please don't think this is something that can't happen to you - stay safe and we'll hopefully see you all on the flip side of this virus

Sending you all good thoughts


Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations Poster

Difficult Roads Lead To Beautiful Destinations Poster

Friday, March 20, 2020

Boxer Dog Wedding Invitations

Boxer Dog Wedding Invitations from Ricaso

Cute boxers bride and groom - The bride has flowers on her head and the groom is wearing a tie

Add your own text with no added cost

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Please support the artists

We will have events, gigs, exhibitions cancelled We will see a drop in sales And the sad, honest truth is, some of us won't stay afloat 

Please help.. If you're stuck home buy a little something from an independent artist Maybe something to cheer yourself up A song, a poster, a t-shirt, a card, a book.. Believe me, we'll really appreciate it 

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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Gay Pride Rainbow Love Is Love Flags

Gay Pride Rainbow Love Is Love Flag from Ricaso

Available in garden or house style .. add the stand/pole if required

Show your pride in style with these great colorful flags

Monday, March 9, 2020

Half Price Wedding Save The Dates

Save The Date Wedding Personalized flat card from Ricaso .. add your own text and photograph to this elegant understated card ... with grey and white scribbled line pattern back detail .. the simple design lets your photograph stand out, as it should

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Product breakdown: Ricaso Wedding 
50% Off Cards, Envelopes, Stationery, Guest Books, Posters, Bunting Banners, Banners
40% Off Bottle Labels, Confetti, Corkscrews, Favor Bags, Gift Tags, Favor Tags, Labels, Rubber Stamps