Thursday, October 8, 2020

2020 Holiday Shopping Ideas

I think we can all agree that 2020 hasn't been a usual year. 

Instead of thinking, like I have been, that Christmas this year isn't that important in the big scheme of things, think of it as a wonderful opportunity to reconnect to our friends and family we have had to stay socially distanced from. 

This year more than ever a personal touch when it comes to holiday gifts is very important and will mean the world to a friend or loved one. 

A gift that is easy to mail or sent direct from the creator is also a good idea. 

Take this thinking through to your holiday mailings also. 

A Christmas or other holiday card with a personalized touch can be that simple yet heartfelt idea to make someones day..

Don't think of this holiday season as a one to write off - think of it as an opportunity to tell those you care about that they are always in your heart and thoughts. 

And if you're a business - stay connected to your customer - tell them how much their business has been important to you through this rough year. Make sure your business stays in their minds in the days to come

Ricaso offer some wonderful personalized cards and gift ideas - easy to add your own unique touch to

Add photographs, add your own text, make 2020 holiday season a special one even if it has been incredibly weird and often hard to get through this year. 

Here is a small selection of our personal favorite photo gifts