Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The D E and F

Today's lesson boys and girls will be on the letters D E and F

Well ok .. maybe not a lesson but certainly a few Ricaso products connected to those letters

D is for - Dartboard .. Daddy .. Damask and Duck

Pizza Darts Dart Boards New Daddy Baseball Cap Elegant Damask - Orange Round Wallclocks Little Duck Vinyl Binders

E is for - Expecting .. Eat .. Elephant and England

Twin 1 And Twin 2 Mom To Be Maternity Top Eat Drink And Be Married Personalized Invitation Elephant Love Pillows Made In England Shirts 

F is for - Frog ... Fruit ..  Freedom and Face
Cute Frog and Flowers Coffee Mugs Orange Slice Pins Bachelor Party T Shirts Mustache Funny Face With Eyes iPhone 5 Cases


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