Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ricaso A to Z Part 1

After having the flu for the past two - three weeks we at Ricaso feel tired and blah and have been slacking on the promotional and creative side of things as of late

So we thought we had better get the ball rolling again and what better way to force us to do a blog post than to have an A to Z of some of our personal favorite products

So here's the plan (whether we stick to it is yet to be seen as this flu keeps coming back and we seem to get hit harder each time) we will showcase 4 products related to the letter of the day .. but we will be doing three letters a day so that is 12 products ..

We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them ...

I feel like I'm in sesame street .. the letters of the day are A B and C .. see I did go to school LOL

A is for - Awesome .. Animal ... Ass .. and Ahoy Matey (Pirate Speak)

Hello Im Awesome iPhone 5 Cover Tiger Birthday Party Announcements I Don't Give A Rats T Shirts Pirate Party Announcement

B is for - Baseball Mom..  Bare chested .. Brides and Beach Party

  Baseball Mom Baseball Cap Fake it t-shirts Two Brides Wedding Announcements Summer Flip Flop Beach Party Custom Announcements

C is for - Chemical Elements ... Captain of a boat ... Coach (soccer) and of course Chocolate

  Chemical Elements Fun Nerdy Round Clock Captain - customizable embroidered baseball cap Soccer Coach Cap Embroidered Baseball Cap Will Strip For Chocolate T-shirts

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