Monday, January 21, 2013

M N and O Ricaso Alphabet

M N and O .. those are the letters for the Ricaso alphabet blog today .. promoting some of our favorite products beginning with those letters because we had stuffed up heads with the flu and couldn't think of anything else to do a blog about .. hehe

M is for Monogram .. Meal .. Mom / Mother and Mustache

ZigZag Chevron Chic Monogrammed Pink Pattern iPhone 4 Covers Steak Dinner Novelty Fun Food Plate Mothers Love Magnets Mr and Mr Mustache Wedding Personalized Invites

N is for - Note Board .. Nerd .. Nice Hooters and Ninja
  Novelty Fake Effect Cork Board Notes Dry-Erase Boards Come To The Nerd Side We Have Pi Tshirt Nice Hooters Mug Ninja Kanji Ties

O is for - Orange .. Obama .. Ornament and Overly Affectionate Orange Slice Pins Gay Pride Rainbow Obama 2012 Pins Custom Record Personalize Christmas Ornament Warning Overly Affectionate Dog Lives Here Yard Sign

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