Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gender Reveal Announcements

The cute gender reveal announcements and matching postage from Ricaso are perfect for the announcement party ..

The ultrasound technician keeps the gender secret and places the result in a sealed envelope .. from here you can plan your theme .. a cake is often the center of the planning .. a cake maker can create the reveal cake for you .. adding a colored filling to the inside so when you cut into it the pink or blue coloring reveals the wonderful secret .. 

Why not plan your theme around these cute designs from Ricaso .. that way you know you'll have a winning combination of style and cuteness 

Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party AnnouncementsGender Reveal Baby Buggy Party InviteDuck Themed Gender Reveal Baby Shower Party Custom InvitationsGender Reveal Baby Bird PartyGender Reveal Baby Shower Party Stamp Gender Reveal Baby Buggy Party PostageGender Reveal Baby Shower Party PostageGender Reveal Baby Bird Party Postage

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