Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding it hard to concentrate

I always have a hard time concentrating on one design idea .. one store .. one theme .. theres just so much bouncing about in my head that I need to get it out .. but I think that is just making things worse .. instead of forcing myself to concentrate I end up wandering off in so many directions I get nothing done at all

Been trying to fight a bad cold these past few days and having trouble seeing through eyes that won't stop watering and a throat that is making me sound like wheezy the penguin from Toy Story hasn't helped either ..

So .. here is a small selection of the latest products and designs we've been working on .. no theme .. no reason .. just because .. hope you like them

New Daddy zazzle_embroideredhatNew Mommy zazzle_embroideredhatRainbow Pride Torn Paper (Effect) zazzle_profilecardRetro Cassette Tape zazzle_profilecardPink Green and Yellow Hello Spots zazzle_profilecardSnowy Owl zazzle_wrappedcanvasPink Cherry Blossom Customizable Wedding zazzle_stampCute Ducks zazzle_shirtHappy Bride Sad Groom Funny Wedding fuji_fleximagnetDirty Vintage UK musicskins_skinUK Union Jack Flag musicskins_skinSpotty Elephant zazzle_stamp

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