Friday, April 29, 2011

Something That Is Important To Us

We all have something that is important to us .. children.. family .. friends .. pets .. extra large plasma TV and their Wii console .. or is that just me?

I am going to be honest I am useless with words and try to keep them to a minimum but not long ago I met a wonderful woman who has become more of a big sister to me then a friend .. we have laughed together .. cried together .. but I feel that she has supported me more then I've been able to do for her ..

This however I've been able to level out even just a little these past few days .. my "sis" and her husband are amazing people who want to do the best for their little family everyone does .. they have this chance to change their life around .. John Lynch is an amazing chef who has a talent that many would be jealous of .. he also has a dream .. a dream that is on the verge of becoming reality .. with just over $1200 left to raise to reach their target the Cripple Creek Barbeque food truck could be on the road and bringing Mr.Lynch's unique sauces.. rubs and pulled pork sandwiches to the masses .. but at the time of writing there are only 31 hours left to do this

This couple Stacy and John Lynch are not just after your cash .. you do get something in return .. one level of their kickstarter program even donates to a charity for children .. - Making tough situations bearable. They provide police officers with free teddy bears to use in cases involving children and is ran by Blake and Angie Raab .. so if you can donate at that level you will be helping two amazing causes

There is a level of donation where you will receive.. once the project is fully funded ..unique limited edition labels created by designer / artist friends of the couple .. these bottles will never be produced again .. there will only ever be 12 sets in the whole world .. you will get the amazing sauces created by chef John and the artwork.. there are only 5 sets remaining


Check out the CCB facebook page and the Kickstarter page for Cripple Creek Barbeque .. I know money is tight these days .. but dreams are priceless ..

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