Monday, February 28, 2011

Help This Puppy

Someone must be able to help this pup .. hes been "killed" twice by a kill shelter but somehow survived .. hes going back to that kill shelter .. he needs urgent help .. plz spread the word and save him from going back to that hell hole : (

URGENT IN OK!!! THIS PRECIOUS PUP WAS EUTHANIZED TWICE ( ONCE WITH HEARTSTICK) THROWN INTO A DUMPSTER AND LEFT FOR DEAD !!! SOMEHOW MIRACULOUSLY WALL-E SURVIVED THIS HORRIFIC ORDEAL! BUT NOW ALAS HE WILL BE BROUGHT BACK TO THE SAME SHELTER ON FRI THAT "KILLED" HIM AND WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE EUTHANIZED AGAIN UNLESS FUNDS CAN BE RAISED FOR HIS BOARDING TILL RESCUE/ADOPTERCAN BE FOUND!!! Here the Link to the Chipin I started ~This Precious Pup was Left Outside of an Oklahoma Kill Shelter on a Fri Night long with his 5 Littermates. Due to Overcrowding and their Scrawny Appearance The 5 Pups were immediately EUTHANIZED TWICE ( Once with Heartstick ) & THROWN in the DUMPSTER (which was due to be Picked up the FOLLOWING MORNING ) Miraculously THIS PUP SURVIVED & was FOUND ALIVE the Next AM Barking & Hungry from Inside the Garbage Bin !!! ( !!!! Wall-E is now at a Vet's Office but Will be Brought Back to the Shelter on Friday where He Will be Euthanized Again UNLESS FUNDS can be RAISED to KEEP him in Boarding till a Rescue/Adopter Can be Found!!! He is a delightful Pup, about 3 months old, is surprisingly healthy except for a heavy infestation of Hookworm for which he is undergoing treatment.If you wish to Adopt or Foster Wall- E Please let me know ASAP !! I Can be reached either via FB or at, Wall E is currently at the Arbuckle Vet Clinic in Sulphur OK ~580-622-3133

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