Tuesday, October 12, 2010

UK National Coming Out Day

Today the 12th of October is National Coming Out Day in the UK.. In an ideal world there would be no "National Coming Out Day" .. someones sexuality should not make a difference in how they are treat or perceived
Unfortunately there are still those that think if you're not heterosexual then there is something wrong with you and you're not normal .. heterosexuality isn't "normal" .. its just common
The LGBT community is just as deserving of equality as anyone else .. its called human rights not heterosexual rights .. just because someone isn't the same as you doesn't mean that what they are is wrong .. learn to accept and understand don't follow in the bigoted footsteps of those you've heard or seen show their ignorance and hatred .. rise above that .. become better then them and grow as an individual
None of the LGBT people I know would dream of hating someone because they were straight .. because they have relationships and fall in love with someone .. because they want to marry have children and live a nice little life with their family ..
Now why would any of the heterosexual community have anything against someone whos gay..lesbian.. bi-sexual or transgender having a relationship .. falling in love .. marrying and having a family if thats what both of them want? .. please don't say it's because it's wrong .. it's not .. it's just not as common as heterosexuals doing it
If you are gay .. lesbian .. bi-sexual .. or transgender .. don't for one second think that the hate you hear is how everyone feels .. it's not .. there are so many straight supporters of the LGBT community that will shout louder then any of the bigots ..

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