Monday, October 11, 2010

National Coming Out Day

October the 11th is National Coming Out Day .. despite what some might think .. being gay is nothing to be ashamed of .. no one chooses to be gay .. just in the same way you can't decide what color eyes you're born with or how tall you will become .. you can't suddenly decide to be straight or gay .. you just are .. its the hand you've been dealt .. accepting your sexuality can be hard and made worse when you have to listen to all the bull the hate mongers spout .. you may lose family or friends ( they were never really friends to start with in that case ) ..but you will also have ones who love you for you and make new ones who treat you the way you deserve .. with respect . love and acceptance .. they will accept you and never doubt for one moment that you were born that way.. they will stand by you and have your back no matter what

These people know that equality means equality it is not subject to you being straight .. or a certain color or religion .. it is there for all and supporters of gay rights will always be there fighting your corner just as hard as you are .. you're never alone even if at times it feels like you are .. there will always be someone there for you.. on line or off .. there are people who will support you through the tough times

Remember not to believe anything the bigots say .. when you come to realise that there are more people who care then there are bigots it really does make you look at the world in a brighter light

Please remember that even during the darkest of times that suicide is never the answer .. too many lives lost .. too many people hurting .. too many people left behind that do care and love you regardless .. seek help .. talk to someone ...

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