Thursday, February 26, 2009

EARN CASH .. by promoting Ricaso

Promote Ricaso and earn yourself hard cash .. currently a minimum of 15% per sale you refer

What you need to do

1 : Read the associate user agreement then Sign up for an associate account here

2 : once you have your account set up you're ready to go .. simply go to one of the Ricaso products .. select what you want to promote on your ..Pinterest.. twitter etc ..  you will see a share button on each page .. from there you have a huge choice of sharing options click on the button for the site you want to share to .. or manually you can click on "link" and copy the code from the second box down and paste it to your blog etc .. your associate code will be attached as long as you're signed in .. promote and earn it's that simple

3 : You can check your referrals by logging in to the zazzle site and going to "my account" then ...earnings .. referral reports

4 : Tell friends to do the same

5 : restrictions do exist .. do NOT place any of our products on any sites associated with hate / porn / racism etc

Note: referrals are domain specific .. so make sure you're linked to the correct domain to suit your requirements


  1. Are we allowed to do this, even if we already have a gallery and associate number lol


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